Hi, I’m Ozoya Silas

Silas OZOYA is an Entrepreneur & Investor with special interest Income Growth [what he calls 5x Income Growth], Business Development Strategies, and Entertainment.

He is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working as a community team leader, business strategist, income growth coach, content creator and executive producer in the media production industry.

He is Skilled in Executive Business/Life Coaching, Team Building, Financial Intelligence, Human Resource management, Direction of Photography and Videography.

Silas OZOYA is a strong entrepreneurship professional, U. S Trained Life Coach, U.K Trained and Certified Educator, NIM Certified Management expert, Employability & Enterprise professional.


He was been awarded;
YALI (Nigeria) Entrepreneur of the Year (2015),
PALEC Entrepreneur of the Year (2018), &
has been nominated for the same category on several award platforms.

  • He teaches individuals and organizations how to GROW 5x Income from their passion, skills, and experiences.
  • He currently serves as; President, StartUp Business Africa {SUBA}, JOYSIL-OZOYA Enterprises, and Executive Producer, Kampus Media & Entertainment
  • He can help you and your business (SMEs especially) GROW 5xIncome cash flow from your passion, skills and experiences in 90 days.
  • That means Silas can help you earn 5 times your current income.









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